WeTravel Messenger

Chat with customers on your website. Anywhere. Anytime. Any language.

Free for the first 100 WeTravel users who install!

A better way to connect with your customers

WeTravel Messenger is an AI-based cloud solution for faster, more personalized customer support for the travel industry.

Acquire leads

Use our live chat to connect with valuable leads on your website when you’re online, and automate capturing their info when you’re not. Our chatbot is at your service.

Engage users

Engage in meaningful conversations with customers in real-time to increase loyalty. Pick things up right where they left off last - no repeat or recap required.

Support customers

Provide outstanding service to your customers where ever they are. No add-ons or plug-ins required. Assist your customers quickly with personalized and swift support.

All-in-one customer service software

Simple install

Get started in minutes, no technical knowledge required. Simple and intuitive interface.


Both the software and system messages are available in several languages. Additional languages can be added.

Ticketing system

Know exactly which customer is waiting for a reply to a query and which co-worker is getting things done.

Team collaboration

Get colleagues and teams involved, all you need is to mention them. Keep your team in sync and up to date.

Quick answers

Use pre-canned replies or articles from the knowledge base.

Private notes

Take notes and share them with your co-workers, so your team is always up to date.